Meet the team

Sam Scalia is the president of Devmont
Sam Scalia


Joseph Scalia is the vice-president of Devmont and brother of Sam Scalia
Joseph Scalia

Vice President

Félix Allaire is in charge of business development
Félix Allaire

VP Development

Administrative director pour Devmont's team
Mireille Pelletier

Executive Director

Mihaela is doing accounting for Devmont
Mihaela Cuciurean

Accounting technician

Administrative assistant
Tania Courtois

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistant
Jocelyne Guillen

Administrative assistant

Project manager for Devmont
Susan Xing Su

Project Director

Construction site superintendent
André Turcotte

Site Superintendent

Construction site superintendent
Gaston Chayer

Site Superintendent

Alain takes care of after-sale services and is also a construction site superintendent
Alain Nuckle

Site Superintendent and after sales service

A home built for life

An expertise 60 years in the making

It takes a family to build a home.

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