Our Vision

We want to build homes your family can live in for years to come. From the floor plan up, we give great thought to functionality, aesthetics, quality and durability. This is why we're almost obsessively insistent on managing every aspect of the design, construction, sales and after-sales process. And why we're careful to cultivate long-term relationships with suppliers and consultants we trust. All so you can be confident that when you choose a Devmont project, you've come home.

Family Values

The day after Francesco Scalia landed in Montreal, he began working on his dream of building a home and a better life for himself and his family here. His vision, hard work, sacrifice and commitment are the very foundations on which Devmont is built. His devotion to family, to quality and to creating a lasting legacy continues to inspire. You could say that we build every home with family in mind – both ours and yours

An expertise 60 years in the making

We're experts at helping you feel at home.

It takes a family to build a home.

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