Job offer

Marketing and Communication Manager

Summary of Position

Must be knowledgeable of multiple specialized disciplines, including information technology — both analytical and creative. Requires excellent, leadership; organizational; analytical; negotiation; and written & verbal communication skills.

An advertising or marketing background is required. Experience in the real estate industry is a must. Experience using the CRM Lasso is a plus.

Responsible for a company's overall marketing operations, including brand and digital strategy, advertising, promotions, and partnerships.

Review and coordinate marketing strategies, campaigns and vendor contracts to meet organizational goals.

Responsible for the strategy and determination of relevant and engaging content for the company’s brands. Lead the development process and ensure all content is relevant, engaging, strategically sound, brand-appropriate, optimized for search engines and aligned with the company's overall creative approach. Create or edit online content and spark discussion on various social networking sites.

Write clear and compelling online content, including articles, product descriptions, online advertisements, promotional copy, e-newsletters, blog posts and podcast scripts. Edit and repurpose existing content for the web and plan and craft email marketing campaigns.

Develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products or services. Play a key role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, as well as drive website trafficand leads that will result in increased sales.

Oversee and measure the results of digital projects, including website builds, mobile apps and advertising campaigns. Coordinate the efforts of external suppliers to ensure that all tasks and deliverables are completed on time and within budget while meeting quality standards.

Develop and implement plans to achieve online marketing and sales goals through effective e-commerce. Develop project budgets, monitor costs and provide status reports to leadership. Work with external suppliers to improve customers' online experience.

Run email campaigns that inform consumers and business partners of new products and services or company announcements. Responsible for managing and segmenting contact lists using Lasso; crafting emails ; coordinating effective designs; and handling internal customer feedback. Analyze results and develop testing plans to continuously improve email performance. Must have strong copywriting skills and be proficient using web analytics tools.

Negotiate with media sales representatives to buy and place advertising on a variety of media channels, including print, broadcast and digital outlets. Also calculate rates and budgets. Ensure that ads run as specified, and help identify media placements that enable a company to communicate its message to target audiences in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Collaborate with account managers, media planners, and design and production personnel.

Develop objectives and strategies for media buys and determine the mix of advertising outlets used for campaigns to optimize frequency and maximize reach. Create and implement a plan to meet strategic media-related objectives within an established budget.

Identify, evaluate, select and monitor the most relevant social media channels for the company. Create and maintain an up-to-date social media plan and moderate and oversee the organization's presence on social media. Additional duties may include collecting, analyzing and reporting on social media metrics to drive greater audience engagement and increase sales.

Sales Support:
Plan and manage corporate events. May work with vendors to ensure successful participation in promotions / events.

Provide data-driven insights to various stakeholders through operational reporting dashboards. Leverage data from customer relationship management (CRM) software (LASSO). Work with key partners in other departments, such as Finance and Sales, to help the organization improve processes and meet business goals.

Generate reports to optimize a company's marketing matrix. Employ data analysis to provide insight into consumer behaviors and identifying opportunities to maximize optimal campaign outcomes. Analyze lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring; and identify tactics for improvement. Must be comfortable with CRM and database management software, as well as variable data.

Leasing Support:
Coordinate the development, completion and submission of responses to request for proposals (RFPs) with minimum supervision and under strict deadlines. Collaborate with internal departments to develop proposal content that is high-quality, accurate and in accordance with RFP requirements while effectively communicating about company capabilities, policies, products and services.

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